Meteor Near Miss

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meteor near miss It is the policy of governments to try to play down the real risks to public safety to avoid mass panic. While, of course, it is not the intention of the writer to scare the reader, yet we need to understand the facts concerning the risks we are facing with regard to possible meteor impact catastrophe, as this is the only way to raise sufficient public awareness that could pressure governments to take pro-active action.

meteor near miss

meteor near miss 30 Oct 2011 ... On Nov. 8, an asteroid named 2005 YU55 will pass within 0.85 lunar distances, about 203000 miles, of the Earth. This is a near miss in ...

meteor near miss

meteor near miss 24 Jun 2011 ... Astronomer Mark Thompson reports on the large asteroid that will pass within 8000 miles from Earth and why we were given such short notice.

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images meteor near miss 6 Nov 2009 ... That near miss was well inside the “Clarke Belt” of geosynchronous satellites.( 35786 km/22236 mi). Friday's (Nov 6) flyby of asteroid 2009 VA is ...

meteor near miss

video meteor near miss 27 Jan 2012 ... An asteroid will today make one of the closest cosmic near-misses with Earth ever recorded. ... Asteroid near misses and the threats to come ...

meteor near miss

meteor near miss

pic meteor near miss On September 15, 2007, a chondritic meteor crashed near the village of .... Earth – the smaller planet a "near miss," causing extensive damage and destruction, ...

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9 Nov 2011 ... An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier yesterday whistled past Earth at a distance of 202000 miles away. picture meteor near miss

meteor near miss

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Peridred Says:
January 3 , 2011

meteor near miss Most people do not realize how often our planet narrowly misses "the big one" as in a large Meteor or Asteroid hitting the Earth, and such a NEO or Near-Earth-Object hitting the Earth is guaranteed, there have been many in the past and will be many in the future. Really large ones could end life for most species on the planet in fact, yes, perhaps including wiping out a good chuck of humanity as well. Not funny.

Rainhunter Says:
September 30 , 2011

27 Jan 2012 ... An 11m-wide asteroid passed within 60000km of Earth on Friday, making it one of the 20 closest recorded approaches to our planet. meteor near miss

Ghoriel Says:
March 26 , 2011

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